Fox Red Labs of Georgia Fox Red Labrador Retriever Puppies


Fox Red Labs of Georgia

We are quality breeders of Labrador Retrievers and we specialize in Labs that range in color from dark yellow to a Fox Red shade, or color, but are AKC registered as yellow labs. As you can see our dogs are not just "pets" they are family members, they are active and love to travel. They go with us to the lake, beach, hiking, and on days off you'll find them covering the floor of the den napping while I read or watch TV. In short they love to do anything that you are doing at the moment. I am always joking with my friends "if dogs had thumbs they would probably be better at some things than I am". In fact our puppies come from lines that include Master Hunters, Field Trial Champions, Certified Therapy, and Canine Good Citizen. All of our dogs have health clearances before breeding that include, OFA Hip and Elbows, Pennhip, CERF, EIC, CNM, PRA, and Cardiac clearance so that our puppies have a good chance for a long healthy life. Our puppies come with a limited health guarantee. Puppies are born in our house and stay there until around 2 weeks of age and then are moved to a larger area to allow them to start to learn to separate their living and play areas from the "business" area, if you know what I mean. At about 4 weeks of age we start to encourage them to go outside to do their business, this gives them an early start on house training.